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Top 5 Granite Countertop Styles

The first step in choosing your worktop is choosing the material.  The next is choosing the color and style. Today, we are sharing a list of granite countertop styles to help you solidify the overall mood.


This granite looks like rivers are running through it.  Which can be a great way to splash some extra color into your space.



Cashmere is usually a luxurious, smooth and cozy fabric, but when it comes to granite this isn’t the case.  In granite, the Kashmir style is one that encourages texture. The color combinations within the Kashmir category can be essential to keeping your space from being flat.


Glacier White

Marble and quartz is all the rage right now, but granite does have a marble style.  Did you know that granite can include quartz in it? So you could have the best of all trends.  Glacier White has the veining that mimics marble.


Pure Black

If you would like to embrace the dark side in your kitchen, feel free to take a look at the pure black granite.  The glossy dark abyss counter could be just what your kitchen needs.


Black Galaxy

If you want some metallic splashes in your counter or think pure black is too much, galaxy black may be a great alternative.  The bursts of color in the black really create a galactical depth that is difficult not to get lost in.

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Worktops can really tie the space together, so we encourage you to go with whichever one speaks to you.  The Granite & Cabinet Store is here to help if you would like samples or to create your own shade.

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