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Granite’s Dirty Little Secret

Look up any real estate search site and you'll find among the top features a featured home is boasting are granite countertops. For years, granite has been the go-to material for kitchen and bath remodels due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. But, how does the granite trend manage to keep going? Why hasn't it started to fade just like any other design fad over time? What's the secret?


Granite's dirty little secret isn't so dirty, actually. It lies in the versatility and range in the material itself. Most people visualize a standard granite grain and color such as the sparkly grey or tan with flecks of black and cream variety. But, in reality, the type color and grain of granite range just as widely as many other surface options. It can mimic many other materials that your budget or scope of work may not otherwise allow.


Marble Mimic

If your dream kitchen requires a huge marble island top, but your budget just won't allow it, think granite. Yes! There are a few granite options that will provide an incredibly similar look to marble while saving you money marble would cost.


Concrete Charisma

If you like the industrial, minimalist look, and versatility of concrete, but you're not so confident about its popularity when it comes time to sell your home, consider granite. Depending on the exact type of concrete design you're banking on, you may be able to find a similar pattern and color in granite, which will be a dependable option come moving time.


Breaking Open The Box

If you're looking for a look that isn't so traditional, something that's a little more unique, or dare I say, quirky... don't rule out granite. The color options available in granite may surprise you: black, blue, green, red, gold, and so on.

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  1. Thanks, David. I hope you and Kathy like the new kitchen. Thanks again for your trust.
    sc kitchen and bath
  2. My wife Kathy designed a new kitchen for our new home. We took our plans to Lee at SC Cabinets and Granite and he made the plans even better. Master Young installed our custom cabinets, did a great job. He's a true master craftsman. Nelson did the granite and the job came out perfect and on time. Their pricing was extremely fair. I can't thank Lee and his people enough for the beautiful job they did on our kitchen. It came out absolutely beautiful.
    David Simpson

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