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Top 10 Modern Kitchen Trends that are Becoming Classics

Classic no longer just means bland colors or old-fashioned fixtures, below find our list of modern kitchen trends that are becoming modern classics.


Blue kitchen

Have you heard that navy is the new black?  Well, it's coming to kitchens too. Various shades of blue are creeping into homes everywhere - from navy islands to a pale blue cabinet, feel free to embrace the newest hue to the classic and neutral family.


Open shelving

Shelving itself isn’t new to the kitchen world, but exposing the things that live in your cabinets, is.  Open shelving has become a modern twist to showing off your dishware or add some texture and color to your space.  Plus, the very clean lines may inspire you to tidy your kitchen constantly.


Flat cabinets with pulls

The modern take of cabinets is simplistic and this applies to cabinets as well.  Instead of detailed cabinet doors, the rage is all over minimalistic flat cabinet doors and embracing statement pulls and handles.


Open layouts

Space is all the rage.  Kitchens can be the heart of your home and having the ability to cook, socialize, and move about is the essence of maintaining that soul.  Including a layout in your design plan that inspires gathering and therefore exposed for new memories.


Islands (single level and potentially rolling)

Islands go hand in hand with open layouts and are a great ‘meeting spot’ within your space.  They can also serve as a personal buffet or prep spot, think of it as the extra hands your family may be wanting or needing.


Integrated appliances

This is a very European trend and design, instead of having the bland color of your appliances (such as your refrigerator), why not integrate them into your cabinets?  This can add a chic and effortless look to your kitchen aesthetic.


Deeper lower drawers

Have you heard drawers can now look like cabinets?  If you don’t know where to put your pots or counter appliances that don’t always have a home, a deeper drawer can be the perfect solution so you aren’t spending precious time digging through a black hole of pots, pans, lids or Tupperware.


Big sinks

Big sinks are all the rage.  Have you ever had a sink so big that your baking pans sink into it?...let me tell you, it's amazing.  It makes doing dishes significantly easier and it is a great way to tie your style throughout the space.


Under counter appliances

Ovens on a wall and microwaves on the counter are a thing of the past now.  The rising trend is to integrate these appliances into your lower cabinets (perhaps in your new island?)  Imagine how much easier cooking would be if you barely had to walk from your prep area to open these?


Stainless steel appliances & mixed metals

Metals and metallics are always in, but no one said you have to choose one shade for everything.  If stainless steel is much more your style than consider a different color or hue for your faucet for example.


10 kitchen trends, sc granite

Don’t be afraid to embrace your creativity and bring your personality to life.  

These Modern Kitchen trends are ones to embrace.

Your dream kitchen is achievable, but if you need help conceptualizing the vision, SC Granite is here to help.

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