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Are Custom Cabinets Better?

Kitchen remodels are hard enough, but making a decision on what kind of cabinets to get is arguably the most difficult.  Below are 5 reasons on what makes custom cabinets better.

Local sourcing

There is nothing quite like supporting local business, not to mention local materials.  There is a common misconception that these customizations are more expensive than normal cabinets, but it never hurts to get a quote from a store and a carpenter.  After all, kitchens should be built to last and this reno is an investment in every sense of the word.

Personal selection

Custom cabinets give you the chance to be creative with your space and the drawer capacity, not to mention the shade and design of the outer cabinet.  These customizations can really make your kitchen individual and unique.


Built to fit

As these are custom, there is a great opportunity to maximize space even in a smaller kitchen.  Your custom cabinets and the artist building them can be your best friend in this regard. Literally, everything in your kitchen can have a home created for it.  The great thing about carpenters and designers is they may question your space with a fresh view and organization is part of their language, so they may show you some things you didn’t know about before.



As these are custom and handmade, they are better for the environment than the traditional manufactured pieces.  So not only will custom cabinets be better for your space, but for the environment too.


Don’t get too crazy

While this new found creativity may be tempting remember if you aren’t having custom counters made, there may be an issue.  Countertops may come in a standard size and if your cabinets don’t match that size, your counters won’t fit. So make sure both will work simultaneously.  


If you would like a free consultation or have more specific questions about your space, feel free to reach out to The Granite & Cabinet Store for help.

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