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Dark Kitchen Cabinets: 5 Tips to Maximize their Beauty

Trends in kitchen design come and go, but some stylistic elements remain constant. One of the most important factors in designing a striking kitchen that remains stylish and appealing for years to come is the play on contrast, finding the perfect balance between light and dark.  Here are our 5 tips on executing dark kitchen cabinets.


Dark kitchen cabinets give most kitchens a warm, cozy feel. Balanced with the right elements, you can maximize their natural beauty.


Natural Light

Dark Cabinets work well in any kitchen that has ample natural light from large windows or french doors. Take advantage of this light when designing the layout of your kitchen to maximize exposure.


Light Countertops

An effective way to accentuate the beauty of dark kitchen cabinets is by contrasting it with light countertops. Light granite or marble countertops are elegant natural stone surfaces that can be a statement piece among a backdrop of richly hued dark cabinetry.


Light-Toned Backsplashes

Similar to light countertops, tonally matching backsplashes to the natural stone counters will help accentuate the balance between light and dark, especially if you have a considerable amount of cabinetry in your kitchen.


Two-Tone Cabinetry

Another way to play with balance is by designing a kitchen island in a different color than the rest of the cabinetry. If your cabinets are rich ebony, try installing a light-toned island, or sand and paint your current island. Consult with a cabinetry specialist to see specific examples of this look. Notice what works and what doesn't according to your particular tastes.


Butcher Block

Whether you accent your kitchen with butcher block wood pieces or deck a whole portion of countertop out in butcher block, the golden warmth of the wood marries up well with certain dark toned cabinetry such as black or dark grey cabinets or matte navy cabinets.


dark kitchen cabinets, smart choice

A helpful idea may be to play with a virtual kitchen editor (we love the one on this page), so you can get a clear picture of the potential your kitchen has.

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