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Why it’s a Smart Choice Spending Tax Return on your Kitchen

When tax time comes around, many people will enjoy a decent size return. Deciding what to do with it can be a little more complicated than it was to receive it in the first place. You could go on vacation, you could save it, or you could reinvest it in your home.  Spending tax return on your kitchen is the smart choice! Here's why -


Upping Your Home's Value

For anyone looking to purchase a home, the first thing they'll look at is the structural state of the home, i.e. the roof, the furnace, the foundation. After that, the interior aesthetics, particularly what's in the kitchen and bathrooms will be the next determining factor whether a home is a winner for a potential buyer.


Giving Your Kitchen Love

Of all the improvements a homeowner can make to their home, kitchen remodels, even the most basic ones, rank right up there, recouping over 90% of the original cost at resale. Most people own several homes during the course of their lifetime, so the need to keep them maintained and beautiful is high when the time comes to sell and move to the next home.


Choosing Materials

If you're considering what to do with your tax return, consider upgrading your kitchen with a new high-quality countertop such as granite, marble, quartz, or another premium surface. Contact a granite installer near you to discuss the options available in your area. They can give you the best idea what would work best in your kitchen, whether it be prefab granite countertops or a custom cut fitting.


In order to put your tax return reinvestment to the best use, be sure to discuss trends in countertops with a local counter specialist. They can give you a good idea of what kind of materials are long-term trends, and what surfaces are just passing fads that are best to avoid.  

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